You know that thing you use to view this very sentence via that mysterious stuff that virtually enables you to view stuff online? Well, this section is dedicated to it. Here you will find the good, the bad, the ugly, the silly and the scary. Some of which you will think "finally someone who explains it in a way I can understand" and other times you might think "this stuff is really scary", but hopefully not "it is fiction, right? because... it is science fiction". However the case may be, my only inclination is to provide you with information that is true, applicable and informative.

E#1. In Technology We Trust

Entry #1. It is truly all about you. There are several ways that I can demonstrate why you might not be as protected and secure. These are fairly basic, yet it is all some hacker would need to exploit your device. The information below on the right is actual information returned by your device. Results will differ if your device is not directly connected to the internet. [Continue Reading]