The one thing we all have in common, we are all human, and for this reason we have Modern Medicine which in itself is find new ways of treatment at an ever growing pace. My main site essentially deal with this from the vantage point of a Medical Practioner, this site however is much more general and the medical section like the others a reflection of it. I am not a medical expert, nor a writer, both counts in my favour since by default I can look at a sitaution from a neutral standpoint, linking and matching various points of insights to establish a narrative different by using various resources to provide something different.

E#1. In Technology We Trust

Entry #1. It is truly all about you. There are several ways that I can demonstrate why you might not be as protected and secure. These are fairly basic, yet it is all some hacker would need to exploit your device. The information below on the right is actual information returned by your device. Results will differ if your device is not directly connected to the internet. [Continue Reading]