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Welcome to plus and stuff, an experiment in creativity, what inspires me, what grinds my gears, whatever interests me (and probably many others like me). little bit out of place, a little bit unusual, where things get really strange, abstract and dances on the edge of a blade. Where reading in between the lines may be more important than you think. Yet one can be logical and truthful about stuff without trying to conform to some framework. Personally, to me uniqueness and conforming to someone or something else’s ideology is just stupid. So to conclude respect other people, obey the law and repeat after me… “I am free”

In the Beginning - About, Purpose, Meaning and Intent behind Plus and Stuff

The truth of the matter is, qFinity at first glance and second glance and third and so on seems like an odd name. I do not disagree; I mean it is not even a real word. However, “infinity” is a word and so is “quantify”.
Indeed some would say “well you cannot quantify infinity” and my reply is simply that is true after all, there is both a “pie” you eat and another you cannot (well I suppose you can right it down on paper, swallow it and call that eating... [Continue Reading]

Latest Tech Stuff

E#1. In Technology We Trust

It is truly all about you. There are several ways that I can demonstrate why you might not be as protected and secure. Goto Tech Stuff or ... [Continue Reading]

Latest Med Stuff

E#1. Human

Entry in progress

Latest Grind Stuff

E#1. Something Wicked In the Works

Proclamation without investigation where Human Resources overwhelmingly dictates the deciding factor is dangerous, should not be part of workplace ethics and accommodation but this and many other articles elsewhere is the statistical reality and given the above the very reason why responsibility at the individual level is not just important but essential. ... [Continue Reading]