At the Beginning

The truth of the matter is, qFinity at first glance and second glance and third and so on seems like an odd name. I do not disagree; I mean it is not even a real word. However, “infinity” is a word and so is “quantify”. Indeed some would say “well you cannot quantify infinity”
My reply is simply that this "correct you are!" true after all, there is both a “pie” you eat and another you cannot (well I suppose you can right it down on paper, swallow it and call that eating.
Nah of course not, but it is the idea behind it that which truly matters. Even if that idea has a snowball’s chance in hell of succeeding then it is worth a shot. Especially if the idea in question have a growing and therefore infinitely benefit over time then I have to try.

My Philosophy

On that note a couple of things about me you have to know otherwise what I just said would be shear arrogance with a hint of selfishness topped with some saucy narcissism with a side dish consisting of delusional flights of... whatever. in no particular order;
  • I never do something if the benefit to myself is greater than the benefit for the whole. That is, if it is not useful for other, chances are I won't do it.
  • I do what I say and say what I do. I have created some pretty complex products that impacted critical industry. Even when the statistical probability of failing is quite high, I follow through regardless.
  • I walk the talk, let my actions or creations speak for themselves. Failure is to me is merely or just another way did not work. As Nicola Tesla a thought to have said on account of failures: "I did not fail, just discovered a thousand ways that did not work"
  • For me personally, nothing worth having is every easy and if it is easy then in my opinion probably not worth doing.
  • Most imporantly, a while ago, tragedy struck, big time. In short lost essentially everything. See one you have nothing left to lose, the first thing that is pointless to still have is an ego. If the ego goes, so does any fear. Self-respect is makes it possible to go further, push harder, more is possible with less, far less and for me, personally, the things that do not matter fades away, wisdom, knowledge and unconditional love becomes the order of the day. The bottom-line is if understood properly, you become something or someone else altogether, needless to say, you become scary good at stuff, but I digress as it is extremely relevant, so it instead a stand-alone or rather entry on its own with relevant context.

The high road

I tend to take the high road, consider failure before success. One can say I might have a more fatalistic approach, simply giving something a higher probability of failure rather than success but I am not a Fatalist. Essentially latter serves more of a way to manage fear. Sure the next mass extinction event can happen tomorrow and like the previous five in our known earth history we might not be able to do a darn thing about it as a matter of fact there are a few scientists who claim we have been due for the next mass extinction for quite some time. So I fail to see how fear can be of any assistance. My stance is somewhere between what Billionaire Elon Musk (CEO of Tesla, SpaceX, Neualink) says and what Nuclear Physicist Tom Campbell have to say about fear. Which opposite views regarding the 'fear factor' but both postulate we are likely living inside a simulated reality and I am burning to do a write up on it myself. If Tom Campbell is correct... we are facing a paradigm shift greater, far greater than the time the flat earth was scientifically proven wrong and that the earth is in fact spherical. In other words if correct than movies like 'The 13th floor' and 'The matrix' would be documentaries and not science fiction. So what has this got to do with anything? Well, seeing it another way, some choose to go the mainstream doctrine, instead where I differ is where the alternative makes more sense to me, it is a choice afterall. Now on that note, I do not negate what is true and established as fact, basically, I essentially I choose to explore that which might equally be true in the theoretical realm that is, but where the path is narrow, full of ridicule, rough it out since afterall if I am right, I found a more effective way in terms of benefitting others, thoughout history this tends to be true, that is, on a scientific note at least.

Subjectivity vs. Objectivity

We deal daily with objective stuff and subjective stuff, opinions and facts, certainty and uncertainty. However, we live in a complicated world and my goal is to see where I can make it a little bit less complicated by way of applying my skills to create more effective ways to resolve problems or apply my skills to improve shortfalls, or even more cost effective alternatives or even something as simple as bridging a gap. Fact it, Modern medicine improves drastically, we see it daily, better medicine, or better delivery methods, newer, more effective ways to diagnose illness and disease, and not to mention improvements in terms of medical devices, or microbiology reveals more and more how and what impact environmental, generational factors have on genetics. I was pleasently suprised to see the sheer scale of what Medical Science as a whole is trying. But unforetunately, information technology is largely still new within the Medical Industry.
Since objective reality so often confused with subjective reality, you will invariably have as many opinions as there are people, which is fine, however the problem is when one decides his/her reality is applicable to everyone else so although I respect those opinions of others but if merely opinions then I simply ignore it. Technically there exists a psychological term called "cognitive dissonance" and I would suggest rather read up on it to fully grasp what I mean by the above

Critical Infrastructure, Medicine and Technology

What people have to know is that Personal Computers are not the only tech which is vulnerable in terms of Malware, far from it, you will be surprised to know how many medical devices have already been attacked, hacked or exploited. I am talking about critical devices, life support devices when compromized can lead to an existential crisis. Another way to think about it is... the devices that manufacture the medication we consume can be hacked in ways as to say add more of an ingredient than which is considered safe. you have to understand that this far from a joke. So the idea behind qFinity and sub sites are intended to both assist the Medical Practitioner and the patient and by patient I mean all of us.
Almost Most of us still think of the relatively new everyday things like going online making an online booking, which is truly helping many people who otherwise could not have phoned due to being deaf, to name one thing we sometimes ommit to think about, that and a whole array of new ways things are done like presciptions, and for the most part these tools integrate well with the medical industry. So though my focus is similar, with what I addressed I hope, I really do that the article as a whole can explain that difference. but, I want to make it enjoyable, insightful and ligit. qFinity - Plus and Stuff is intended to be weird, a little bit off topic, radical and clearly the audience will be limited to certain people only, but that certain group could be anyone. It is tailored quite specific, has nothing to do with gender, ethnicity, tradition, political view, religion, age, intellect rather the more the site grows, the clearer the intent will be.
Whereas the main site and intended for use my people who practice in the field of medicine, Plus and Stuff is dedicated to the public. Mainly the public who is brave enough, because I am not holding back and the content might be awkward, insightful, scary, completely of topic it is meant for those who are able to dance on the edge of a blade, curious and thinking outside the box... I am not a writer, yet the way I see it and always have, as long as the information can be understood... that is good enough for me.
Oh, one more thing --a side note if you will, I made a promise... there are those who seemingly think they can get away with 'murder'... I have big plans for them, and they know exactly who they are, they will be exposed in ways they cannot imagine, even if they could, it does not matter, far too late for that. When I make a promise I tend to keep it. For my audience, I am sure, some of you have been in a situation where you felt like giving up, you know the kind of giving up when those you depend on turn on you, left for dead... that kind of feeling. Well let me just say, there are ways you can avenge yourself. Of course it is personal. The way I see it, you get what you give. For those who have no idea what I am talking about, there will be an entry which will clear things up. Since without context, it might simply appears as though I am bitter about something petty, but I think most after reading it will find a story that is akin to a nightmare even beyond believe yet all of it true.


Simply knowing and understanding that we live in a world that is both subjective and objective is a wonderful thing. You will fail, you fall, but you will overcome. As Denzel Washington once said: "... as long as you fall forward" .
And if all I said, if properly understood and appreciated, if properly a utilzed and one can start to appreciate much more, the less you will think and the more you will want to do. Since the foundation of my philosophy at its very core states... we are all human sharing the same world and though our experiences and choices defines who we are, everything that ever happened, the good, the bad and the ugly happened on this place we called earth. We do not need to save earth, it is much bigger than us, existed for much longer than we have and will continue to survive long after we are gone. Instead, were possible, however improbable we must strive to be serving each other instead of unrealist idealism, divide ourselves into a class based system (from dirt poor to stinking rich), take what is not our to take. There are things that requires logic, this is enough to reboot the way we "live".
Be Inspired, rise to the occasion, climb the mountain, live in the now, use what you have to be the best version of yourself, lose the ego, lose the fear and most importantly