Unique, Intuitive and Concise

BibleX is a univeral tool that uses information relating to Orthodox Christian such as Scripture that allows you to perform various tasks via build-in tools that allows you to have a single resources that can provide you with the assitance you need. Greek/Hebrew exegenesis, transliteration, Morphological constructs, cross-referencing, topical studies, versification and clausation is just part of the overall modality of BibleX. I wanted to create a product that is cost effective, accessible and easy to use. I also wanted a product that if used properly will give a level of precision, fast work ethic and outcomes that are swift, reliable and time saving. Yet I did not want a tool that impedes or limits the user but to rather still remain flexible and fluid. At the end of the page I have included the Product Modality which details futher why I developed the product and standards being applied.
Optimize your efforts in preparing for your next sermon while not restricting your current methods in preparing for your next presentation but instead to enhance it, by finding the information you need within the context of your theme seamlessly, drilling down deep into Scripture from simple to advanced depths yet keeping everything simple. Why? Because you want to provide your presentation according to your own theme, but want to leave no stone unturned. My vision is to make a tool available that is not only nice to have but a tool that promotes accuracy, speed and reliability. Even if you are in a position where this product, this tool is all you have at your disposal, the intent is to ensure you have all you need to formulate a presentation like never before. Scroll down below to view just some of the aspects of this product.
No matter how skilled we are in our area of expertise, we remain first and foremost a student, so the following applies not only to students studying Theology but also the adept in Theology. Learn how Hebrew and Greek is used. Understand the morphological constructs, Clausation assistance, various meanings of words and their variants within any given context. Learn about the different epochs, events and places including detail above prominent figures such as their accomplishments, involvements, partnerships, genealogy in general, locations frequented, date and place of birth and death. Use the seamlessly integrated Lexicons, Concordances, exegenesis. Learn Hebrew and Greek through Clausation and transliteration. Test your skills by understanding how Hebrew and Greek is interpreted and much more...


Bible Translations
Starting at the initial release you have access to 9 Bible Translations including some of the most widely used translations renowned for their accuracy, ease of reading, context sensitive and ongoing improvements by academia. Translations include the English Standard Version (ESV), King James Version (KJV), World English Bible (WEB), Young's Literal Translation (YLT), Webster's Bible (WBT), Darby English Bible (DARBY), the Bible in Basic English (BBE) for those where English might not be your native language, those have reading difficulties and also with the current release the Afrikaans Translation (Bybelgenootskap van Suid Afrika).

Search through Scripture with ease. Supply a word or more and see all verses accross Biblical Scripture that contains the verses search for. Results will be shown if found on a line by line basis. This function allows you to search the Old Testament of the Bible and also the New Testament of the Bible. Your will be highlighted to allow you to accurately view the position of your search criteria within the context of the verses shown. Below are some screenshots.

Delve deep into the versification. With our intuitive and specialized technologies, you can now take any verse, discover the meaning behind any word. Understand the correct pronunciation, morphology, glossary, transliteration, lexeme's, clausation, exegenesis without needing to consult other Lexicon's, Concordances be it Greek, Hebraic, Aramaic, Latin, only the most enduring, most widely accepted and trusted resources are used such as the Septuagint, Texus Receptus, BHS (Codex Sinaiticus, the Codex Alexandrinus, etc texts), Mesoretic text and so forth is used together with other modern tools such as Strong's material is used to provide concepts and context that are as close to the oldest accepted scripture and much more. Below are some screenshots
English, Afrikaans, Koine Greek transliteration.
Word by word Translation, Morphology, Pronunciation.
Extended Morphology, Discourse Features and Transliterations.
Glossary, Declension and Context meanings.
Advanced Strong's Dictionary.
Literal and Interlinear Clausation.

People, Places and Events
Go back in time and view the major events as though you were there yourself. Get to know the places where events occurred and the people involved. With the advent of modern technology it is now easier than ever before to experience events from an historical perspective as never before. Revisit people, their siblings, partners, mother, father. Lives and times of important and interesting people, their date of birth, date and location of death . All in relation to preceding and succeeding events and extensive descriptive narratives explaining the context and details. Below are some screenshots.

Whether you want include, choose or abbreviate on your own topic. TOPIC X™ is designed to provide you with an arsenal of topics to select from. Thereafter amongst the 1000's of topics of which all are ranked according to overall interest and popularity when select you will be presented with a linear view of what the Bible says about the topic in question by listing the verses, their own ranking relevance to the context throughout the 66 books in the Bible. There are two editions, All Topics and Top Topics Below are some screenshots.

Besides the above features. There exists a corollary which predicates the above features. In a way it can be observed as core tenants I follow in regards to product design, support and ongoing integration. If a product cannot meet the these standards then I would simply not start a project and therefore not create it no matter how unique the product might be, or how profitable a product might be
  • Usability. Tool must be usable and retain usability by providing, adding, removing or adapting containing modules.
  • Meaningful. Tool must be able to produce meaningful results most of the time.
  • Ease of Use. Tool must have a fluent layout with a low as possible learning curve only subject to the users current level of understanding.
  • Design. Design elements, layout elements, colours and flow must be thoughtful and optimized for prolonged usage at a given time.
  • Ongoing updates to ensure product relevance, product security and contextual evidence
  • Value. Though development and third party integrations incur cost. To offer ongoing value, proper sources, sources and information must be relevant as much as possible
  • Security. To maintain a high level of security to keep access and data safe and secure while not impeding user experience
  • General. The primary purpose behind my products is to develop products that people want to use, which people can feel the impact it makes, and even better how people can in turn use the product to supplement their own area of practice and in turn how beneficial the former can promote the health, growth and overall well-being of those people.
* This is not the entire list of features and features shown may not provide all the information regarding the features concerning the concerning module. Screenshots shown may differ from the actual features when using the product. BibleX at its current release is designed to align with Orthodox Christianity and though not exlclusely designed for use by Protestant denominations of the Christian faith the emphasize is designed with the Protestant denomination as a predicate to the overall product itself. The student edition contains all features of the primary product and differs only in cost.