The list on the right includes products that have been created by us. When it comes to our modality we aim at creating products we focus on products that aim at the well-being of people. From addressing physical health to mental and moral well-being we have you covered. The products below are intended for professionals. You will notice that the products we offer have quite a broad range of focus. One can indeed say that we focus on mind, body and spirit. Each of these products do not overlap at all. Each of these products have taken thousands of hours and you will have a better understanding when you visit each products own page.
Given the above it is easy to see why and how we differ from some other companies. While it is true that one would expect a company to adopt a very specific business model in that they provide products and services that is bound to a specific industry there are some benefits and downsides in doing so. Our modality aligns with health in a much broader spectrum. We do not restrict ourselves to purely a medical approach but rather health in a much broader sense. It is therefore no coincidence that we develop the products we do. Perhaps the biggest difference is that although we have products designed to help professionals we want professionals using our products to feel part of our community in a way that allows our users to participate by actively FEEL part of this community. To do so we want professionals to in a sense be part of the active development of these products.
Instead of simply using our products we want you to actively part on whatever we implement next. Let's be honest, you deal with people on a frequent basis, your clients, your patients and as such you know what what you want from the products we offer. Whether it is simply using the product or suggesting new features that would make for a tailored approach. We do not just welcome this but at the end of the day you end up with a product that you want to use. Of course the only caveat is it should benefit other users. The result is that when we implement what was essentially your own contribution and we give you the credit (if you want to be mentioned). Regardless, the key is participation and the reason why it is key is because that is what makes any product more effective.
It should be no surprise that the world have been changing since 2020. Within 2 years the way we live, how we as a people do business and the technologies we use have not simple changed, but at a speed that is exponential. Though people do adapt to these changes without being impacted, there are far more people who struggle to adapt to these changes and often times this have ramifications that that may lead to health related problems which needs professional intervention.
The fact of the matter is that we do not need more products, we have enough. What we need is a better way when it comes to all the applications that are available. Unification. It may not be possible to unify everything but it is certainly possible to unify as much as possible without having a tool that is designed to be task specific. At the end of the day this approach just leaves the user with dozens of tools. That is why we decided to take a very unique and a different approach.
The more variety of applications the greater the risk of security breaches and security breaches might lead to far more than the risk of having data go missing but increases the risk of individuals being exploited terms of personal information theft, stolen data that might lead to financial fraud and having your the information on your device used against your in the form of ransomware.
On other pages on this site, there will be more information regarding us, what we stand for, background in terms of experience, qualifications and general information behind those actively invovled. QFINITY is a CIPC registered company. We put people first, not profit.
Products created by QFINITY. The list below includes products that have been created by us.
SentinelMD™ is webapp (web application) that is intended for Medical Professionals (MDs/GPs). Using a simply yet comprehensive interface that allows Medical practitioners to go beyond the standard diagnostic and pharmacological aspects in treating patients by providing various different approaches to determine various diagnoses and pharmacological considerations when treating patients. We make use of various sources and analogues in an unique way to assist medical practitioners in a well structured way that allows the medical practitioner to view symptomology, disease ontology, treatment options that can range from the very simplistic to astonishing complex approach methodologies. The same approach is taken concerning pharmacology. To get a better understanding read the full overview.
BibleX™ is webapp (web application) that is intended for Theologians and scholars of theology. This was the first product that we created and launched as part of the QFINITY product range. The effort and time that that was allocated to this product was immense. I would go as far as to argue that had it not been for this undertaking the latest product (above) might not have been considered. Elsewhere I do explain this is so. Regardless. This product is designed for theologians. The reason for this is that scholars and students alike are exosed to the full hebraic, greek and aramaic lexicon, pronounce, transliteration, concordances, histories, timelines and tons of source material to name but a few features but more than that there is a ton reference material, academic resources and tools that uses artificial intelligence to assist practicing theologians when preparing sermon based on how well the audience will understand the context and also various features determining the sermon durations, word count and much more. The overview page provides an exhaustive breakdown of all the features.
SentinelADMIN™ is webapp (web application) that is intended for practice management, however, unlike SentinelMD™ this application addresses healthcare practice administration and may not be simply for medical practices but healthcare practices in general and is thus not restricted to medical practices but may also be used for healthcare practices such as salons and a wider scope as requirements can be less restrictive. Though we have some practices who do use this application successfully we are not yet ready to expand this product in terms of usage we want to extend the product to work equally as well for healthcare establishments that include vetinary clinics, general salons such as hairdressers and clinics that deal with general health. This product includes the ability to make appointments, store client information, send reminders and also include time management features for staff, HR functionality such as keeping record of various leave days, keep record of hearings, time management and essentially all other features one would expect in such an application but where the approach is to do so accross multiple offices (or remote work - working from home). As such, it may take some time for this product to be production ready.
Sentinel Plus&Stuff is general blog based website. Which is where we place various articles and information that deals with technology, science and health related topics. We do not post frequently but when we do, we aim to provide relevant information. Information can be interactive, may include different type of material where the aim is to provide information that would assist readers. Opinion based articles mostly provides information that is aimed for those who like to think outside the box and may not align with popular media but nevertheless provides information that is still logical. Since the articles mostly relates to the same areas on which our products are based the reader can expect content that aligns with those fields. From fun to sarcastic to genenal we aim to focus in part on the entertainment value and not just the articles themselves.